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At Perfectsoft, we are completely in on the move to build cutting edge apps for multiple platforms. We have the will an dwe have the knowhow. You can completely trust us on this. But most importantly, we are wiling to listen and understand the needs of our clients so we can help make their vision a reality

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Website Development & Hosting * Mobile Apps Development * Social Media Integration * SEO Setup

Linux Administration * MySQL Database Administration * Hadoop Consultancy * Data Analysis

We develop turnkey systems with great tools and platforms
by Chief Creative Designer

You’re looking for a reliable technology partner that delivers custom solutions to make your business better. We build teams that have the skills to tackle your software woes, but also reduce your IT expenses without raising the risk of product destruction. Whether you’re a global company or a startup, and whether you’re searching for onshore or offshore resources to flex your technical muscle, we’ve got the right experts to help resolve your challenges. We’re used to our clients demanding quality, integrity, and high returns. In fact, we hope you do the same. Check It Out!

Big Data is Here:

So are We!

Do you want to increase your share of wallet or a customer lifetime value within an existing customer base and find new prospects. With our service platform designed for customer analytics, you will get a better visibility internally and externally while increasing your understanding about your customers’ needs. We do this by combining marketing automation information with website visitor, customer and financials data. Ad-hoc analytics and self-service Business Intelligence capabilities empower you and your colleagues to do better decisions based on real insight.Talk To Us...